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Our Services: 

We can repair most of your treasured jewelry right in our stores, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, more Big job or small, we’ve got you covered. See we can do for you:

  • Ring resizing
  • Prong/stone tightening
  • Repair damaged mounting
  • Stone resetting
  • Refinish and polish
  • Re-tip prongs
  • Rhodium finish
  • Cleaning and inspection
  • Cultured pearl restringing
  • Chain, hinge, and clasp repair
  • Earring post and back replacement

For any other servicing questions, please contact us.

Sizing, Polishing, Jewelry Restoration, Setting missing Diamonds, Fixing broken chains, Fixing broken bracelets, Fixing broken Necklaces, Missing earrings, Others  


Your jewelry is too small or big? Want to change the shape, size, or color? We can do that for you! Contact us for a free quote.


Are you tired of your old jewelry? Do you have broken or missing pieces? Don’t worry, I’ll take it all and offer you 100% value towards your brand new jewelry. I’ll create beautiful new jewelry just for you.

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